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Want even more help than just the workshop? 

Get the Workbook! These extra guides and worksheets will help you go deeper than the workshop.  Digital download: 42 pages of instruction and exercises to help you crochet blankets like a pro.

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Better Baby Blankets Workbook will help you...

  • Finally understand multiples and how to change the size of your blanket
  • Discover how to determine if a yarn is a suitable substitute
  • Expertly crochet even edges and borders
  • Learn how to count stitches and rows
  • Determine the best method to block - if you even need to at all

What You'll Get

This amazing baby blanket is made from only sc and dc! It's so easy and elegant - and a FREE crochet pattern!

Instruction and Guides

Information to guide you through the workshop series and help you through the provided worksheets.

Worksheets for each lesson

More in-depth exercises for the lessons covered in the workshop, including multiples, swatching, blocking, counting stitches and rows and more.

  • Why would I want to swatch for a blanket?
  • Why do my edges always come out uneven?
  • How do I know how many stitches or rows I've worked?
  • Do I need to block my blanket?

Bonus: Get this popular blanket pattern in the workbook!

This pattern alone retails for $3.49 and includes instructions for multiple sizes!

If you choose not to get the workbook, you will still receive the workshop emails and tutorials, but these extra worksheets, bonus pattern and guides can help deepen your study.

This item is a digital download only.  You can print your workbook and have it bound at any Office Supply store for about $4.  

this is the ultimate guide to blanket making

Transform your skills from basic to beautiful

This offer is only available at this price when you sign up for the workshop.

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